Wide Awake VR Inc. Internship

channel: brand design + web design


Overview of Role/Position  -
I was an independent contractor within the creative department and was in charge of all digital and physical asset design. I collaborated with other interns on projects and worked with developers to create WAVR’s website.

Specific Tasks Throughout Internship  -
+ Created a brand style guide (for the original brand)
+ Delivered a full rebrand of the company
+ Redesigned their entire website
+ Designed a step-by-step infographic
+ Designed a network brochure
+ Designed presentation decks

Accomplishments -
The rebrand I presented was accepted by the company's founders and CEO and is now WAVR’s official brand identity. The new website I designed was also chosen by the WAVR team and is now live on the web. 

Challenges/Opportunities -
When I was designing the website, I started out by creating a fun and unique layout. But after reflecting, I realized I should be structuring the site to be more intuitive and user-friendly for their primary clients. 

Takeaways -
This job helped m
e flex my skills in branding, UI/UX, and creative problem-solving. I also gained experience in collaborating with developers and individuals outside the creative space.  

Brand Style Guide (for the original brand)

New Brand Identity


Updated Website

5-Step Direction Card

Network Brochure


Madison LaLonde is a Detroit-based designer who specializes in branding, UX/UI, and motion design.