Type Heirloom Co.

channel: product design + brand design 

Project Brief -
Students will research, sketch, prototype, and build three sets of objects (minimally) that are conceptually similar but distinct in their function. The three categories are decor (something I look at), houseware (something I use), and accessories (something I wear). Students will utilize an iterative approach in creating a unique set of objects that are historically aware and typographically sensitive. Our intent is to entertain, engage and delight.

Deliverables -
Build and design three sets of objects that are type based and fall under the categories of decor, houseware, and accessories. My items were picture frames, brooches, and pillows.

Project Concept Statement -
The theme of my project is family and the items that I am using are common family heirlooms.  Each item has a single letter on it that represents the initial of someone's last name. Each item has a unique display typeface that represents how every family is different and unique in their own way.

Challenges/Opportunities -
I had no prior experience designi
ng fabric, sewing, or laser cutting. This project gave me the opportunity to challenge myself and learn different channels of creation/production.



Picture Frames


Madison LaLonde is a Detroit-based designer who specializes in branding, UX/UI, and motion design.