DeRoy Education Partners [DeEP]
Brand Identity

channel: brand design 

In collaboration with Mariana Matos, Emma Lundgren, and Brenna Potter.

Project Brief -
Develop a refreshing brand identity for the new non-profit organization DeRoy Education Partners.  DeEP is focused on helping students achieve their educational and career goals while giving back to their communities.

Deliverables -
An entire brand identity; ranging from scalable logos to fun apparel. This brand was designed for Gen Z students who are either first-generation college students or sophomores/juniors who are feeling educational burnout. This vibrant brand focuses on the idea of camaraderie, connections, and support.

Challenges/Opportunities -
Creating unique icons that felt cohesive with the brand and reflected the structure of the typography.

Takeaways -
I gained experience creating an entire set of icons, designing merch, and creating a cohesive brand identity.

Brand Ingredients

Product Mockups


Madison LaLonde is a Detroit-based designer who specializes in branding, UX/UI, and motion design.