Hatter’s Topsy Turvy Emporium

channel: brand design

826 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students from ages 6–18 improve their creative writing skills. 826 has tutoring centers located all across the U.S., each with imaginative storefronts that sell products that benefit the organization’s programming efforts.

Project Brief -
Create a brand identity for a fictitious 826 store inspired by a U.S. city. In this case, Louisville, KY. 

Deliverables - 
Develop a stationary system, an assortment of products, mobile/desktop applications, motion, an employee ID, a storefront, and social media content.  

Challenges/Opportunities - 
Designing through the lens of my store’s main character, The Mad Hatter, and sharpening my eye when it came to primary identifiers and name lockups.   

Takeaways - 
I learned about
brand systems and the importance of being intentional with my design choices. Each design element must be thoughtful and connect back to the store’s overarching theme.

Color Story

Topsy-Turvy Products

We have a variety of topsy-turvy products. Items include tote bags, coffee mugs, small tea bag, loose tea containers, buttons, stickers,  hats, and a fun box of chaotic craft materials.

Product Mockups

10060 Wonder St.
Louisville, KY


Madison LaLonde is a Detroit-based designer who specializes in branding, UX/UI, and motion design.